Cultural Anthropology and Education by Muslim Women

Cultivating Genius:
An Equity Framework for Culturally and Historically Responsive Literacy

by Dr. Gholdy Muhammad

Dr. Gholdy Muhammad presents a four-layered equity framework-one that is grounded in history and restores excellence in literacy education. Muhammad"s Historically Responsive Literacy Framework is essential for all students, especially youth of color, who traditionally have been marginalized in learning standards, school policies, and classroom practices

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Being Muslim:
A Cultural History of Women of Color in American Islam

by Sylvia Chan-Malik

In negotiating the histories of anti-Blackness, U.S. imperialism, and women’s rights of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, Being Muslim explores how U.S. Muslim women’s identities are expressions of Islam as both Black protest religion and universal faith tradition.

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Do Muslim Women Need Saving?

by Lila Abu-Lughod

A message constantly propagated by human rights groups and the media: Muslim women need to be rescued. Lila Abu-Lughod boldly challenges this. An anthropologist who has been writing about Arab women for thirty years, she delves into the predicaments of Muslim women today, questioning whether generalizations about Islamic culture can explain the hardships these women face and asking what motivates particular individuals and institutions to promote their rights.

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It's Not About the Burqa:
Muslim Women on Faith, Feminism, Sexuality and Race

by Mariam Khan

What does it mean, exactly, to be a Muslim woman in the West today? According to the media, it’s all about the burqa.
Here’s what it’s really about.

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Brand Islam:
The Marketing and Commodification of Piety

by Faegheh Shirazi

A wide range of commodities today are being marketed as "halal” to Muslim consumers. However, many of these products are not authentically halal. Brand Islam investigates the rise of this highly lucrative marketing strategy and the resulting growth in consumer loyalty to goods and services identified as Islamic

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Women's Sport as Politics in Muslim Contexts

Edited by Hooma Hoodfar

This book provides an urgently needed analysis of the bravery and creativity exhibited by Muslim women in the realm of sports, which has emerged as a major realm of contestation between proponents of women’s rights and political Islamist forces in Muslim contexts

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a Fashion Paradox

by Hafsa Lodi

This book speaks to the various personalities and companies who have helped shape the modest fashion industry into such a significant retail sector, while also exploring the controversies that lie at the heart of the movement, such as one pressing question: even if it covers the skin, can fashion truly be modest?

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