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A series of online Webinars and Teaching Tools that will be available year-round.


What are the common misconceptions about American Muslims? What tropes and triggers are used by Islamophobes against Muslims? Are Islamic Values consistent with American values? How have Muslims contributed to America?
Highlights of 30 notable American Muslims

Shariah Law

Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask, such as the objectives of Shariah, which include promotion of Life, Religion, Family, Wealth, Intellect, Dignity

White Supremacy 101

Why have hate groups risen in America? What is their discontent? What is the foundation of their belief, why do women join, why do they see Blacks, Muslims, Jews/Immigrants as their enemy?

Extremists ideology vs Islamic Theology

Why do people join ISIS, what is the foundation of their belief, how do they distort and weaponize Islam, who is their name victim, how do they recruit people online?

Quran 101

Who authored the Quran, why do Muslim revere it? Is it considered a sacred book because it is a word of God? What is its main message, how was it compiled, can anyone recite it, how many languages has it been translated in?

Muslim Women’s Rights

Is Islam inherently egalitarian, what rights did Islam give to Muslim women, what is the biggest barrier to Muslim women’s advancement? Is scriptural interpretation the solution?

Islam In The Media

Why do negative stereotypes of Muslims persist in media? Is there any truth to the media portrayal of Islam? How can the media be more cognizant of their negative portrayals of Islam?


Is Islam part of the Abrahamic faith traditions of Judaism and Christianity? Do Muslim believe in Jesus, Moses and other biblical prophets? How do Muslims regard scriptures like the Bible, Torah, psalms of David? What common ethical values are shared by Abrahamic faiths? Do Muslims believe in the Messiah?

Counteracting Hate speech

A 5-step plan

Bystander Intervention

Bullying Prevention

Environmental Stewardship