Re-live the Event

Daisy Khan’s Remarks

Fitrah Muhammad’s Remarks

Ayesha K. Mustafaa’s Remarks

Qur’an Shakir’s Remarks

Hawa Bah’s Story

Rev. Dr. Mary Foulke’s Remarks

Rabbi Joy Levitt’s Remarks

Rabbi Mira Rivera’s Remarks

Sheikha Maryam Kabeer’s Remarks

Dr. Gholdy Muhammad’s Remarks

Ayan Ali’s Remarks

Efemeral’s Remarks

Meet the Speakers

Fitrah Muhammad

Executive Producer, Study Al-Islam International Relations, Program Development, Masjid Muhammd DC

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Ayesha K. Mustafaa

Editor, Muslim Journal

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Qur'an Shakir

Master Teacher, Child Advocate, Talk Show Host

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Hawa Bah

Mother of Late Mohammad Bah
President, Shodma Company

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Dr. Gholdy Muhammad

Author, Cultivating Genius - a four-layered equity framework
Associate Professor of Language & Literacy at Georgia State University

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Poet and Community Activist

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