Nida Allam


United States

Known for

Durham County Commissioner


Hijri 1415 (AH); Common Era 1994 (CE)

Nida Allam


In 2020, Nida Allam became the first Muslim American woman to be elected to office in North Carolina. She was one of five women to win the North Carolina Democratic Primary for the Durham County Board of Commissioners' five seats. Before running for local office, Nida worked as Political Director in North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, and New York City, where she acted as a political director for Senator Bernie Sanders's presidential campaign in 2016.    In 2017, Nida was elected as third Vice-Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party, becoming the first Muslim American to serve on its executive council. Allam was unanimously elected as Chair of the Council for Women in 2018, granting her the opportunity to mitigate the issues women face in Durham's city by connecting women unsolved needs and the city government officials.   Allam holds a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Materials & Technology from North Carolina State University.