Mino Akhtar


United States

Known for

Civil Right's


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Mino Akhtar


Mino Akhtar is an American Muslim of Pakistani descent, and has lived in United States for 35 years. She grew up in Middle East, Europe and Asia, and moved to the US when her father began working at the United Nations. She attended college in New York City. She has co-founded and worked with various groups to organize the American Muslim community of New Jersey and increase interaction with media, elected officials and other community and peace groups. Mino has also been a public speaker on the subjects of Islam and Women, civil rights, and inclusive globalization at various Northern New Jersey and New York City events since 9/11. Mino is a board member of the Women's Fund of New Jersey. She is educated in computer science and worked on Wall Street for 18 plus years in the area of advanced technology implementation for large financial services firms. She had her own management consulting firm for several years, before joining a large pharmaceutical company recently as director of organizational effectiveness. Her personal interests include the promotion of human values in organizations, social responsibility in businesses, bridging different cultures and religions and building true democracy through participative dialogue and negotiation. She recently obtained a master's degree in Human and Organizational Transformation from California Institute of Integral Studies (2005). Today, she lives in New Jersey with her husband. She has four children.