Haifa Fahoum Al Kaylani


United Kingdom

Known for

Established Arab International Women's Forum


Hijri 1376-Present (AH); Common Era 1956-Present (CE)

Haifa Fahoum Al Kaylani


In 2001, Haifa Al Kaylani established the Arab International Women's Forum, which is an umbrella organization that brings together 1,500 associations, individuals, and corporations based in 45 nations. The organization helps Arab women build relationships, exchange ideas, and create an international community. "We are there to effect positive growth and development, and with it peace and prosperity by focusing on women's roles in the Arab world and the international community," she says of the forum's purpose. "There is no development in any society without women playing their rightful role.” Born in Palestine and raised in Lebanon, Al Kaylani studied at the American University of Beirut and University of Oxford, UK. She is fluent in five languages. In 2006, Haifa Al Kaylani received recognition by Women's eNews in New York as one of "21 Leaders for the 21st Century.” In 2007 and 2009, Haifa Al Kaylani was named as one of the Muslim Power 100 Leaders in the United Kingdom and received the Education Excellence Award.


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