Fatma Hyder



Known for

Islamic studies


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Fatma Hyder


Fatma Hyder is the Executive Director of JOMWA, a locally registered NGO in Nairobi, Kenya that addresses the development agenda in a participatory approach with Muslim women at the grass root level and encourages social justice and equity. Over the years, Ms Hyder has actively participated in the promotion and development of women on a national and international level, through programs on Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, Citizen, and IQRA FM (local television and FM stations). Ms. Hyder has served as a Board member for many organizations including the Kenya Broadcasting Cooperation, Kenya Anti Corruption Authority, and UFADHILI, a philanthropic organization. Through her work with these organizations she has gained valuable knowledge, insight, information and training which have equipped her in empowering the role of Muslim women in society. A banker by profession, Ms. Hyder is now retired and spends a lot of her time studying Islam which helps her in advancing her Islamic knowledge in order that she may help herself, her family, and other Muslims to understand and appreciate the true position of the Muslim woman. She has travelled extensively out of Kenya for leisure, training, workshops, seminars, conferences, and to pursue further studies.