Muslim Condemnations of Terrorism



5/2/2016 Sadiq Khan “The British Muslim who’ll take on the extremists”
4/20/2016 Tariq Sharif New Jersey Muslim group condemns extremists, calls for 


4/18/2016 Mufti Mohammed

Wasim Khan 

How These Texas Muslims Lead the Fight Against Terror
4/15/2016 Turkish president

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

At summit, Islamic leaders condemn ISIS, Iran’s support of terror
4/12/2016  Ashitha Nagesh


Muslims condemn extremism, according to new ICM poll
4/4/2016 Khalida Jamilah  Battling Extremism by and Against Muslims: Cal Students to 

Stage “True Islam” Event

3/24/2016  Executive of Muslims 

Belgium (EMB)  

Belgian Muslims fear growing anti-Islam backlash in wake of terror attacks
3/22/2016 Al-Azha Brussels attacks “violate” Islamic teachings: top Muslim body 
3/22/2016  Organization of Islamic Cooperation  Organization of Islamic Cooperation Strongly Condemns Brussels Attacks
3/22/2016 Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)   Muslim leaders condemn hateful rhetoric in wake of Brussels attack
2/11/2016  Alhaji Seidu Chibsah Old Tafo: Muslim leader condemns violence
1/20/2016 Muslim Council of Britain Ordinary Muslims Condemn Extremist Islamic Group Protest
1/20/2016 Islamic Religious

Council of Singapore

Muslim leaders denounce extremism after 27 arrested for terror links 
1/19/2016  Jacques Mabali  Cameroon’s Muslims and Christians Unite against Boko Haram 
1/18/2016  Muslim Association of Virginia Virginia Muslim Group denounced extremism after Woodbrige arrest