8 Islamic Concepts Daesh Distorts


Excerpted from- WISE Up- Knowledge ends Extremism 2017


Below are the eight core Islamic concepts that Daesh distorts to form the basis of its twisted ideology. Al-Wala’ wal Bara’ (loyalty and disavowal) is meant to reject those who are not with them, and forms their “us versus them” mentality. They consider themselves to be the “rightfully” guided ummah (community), and defenders of the faith. As the jama’ah (group), a term commonly used for congregational prayer, they claim to represent the global Muslim majority. They label others as kuffar (unbelievers), and declare takfir (excommunication) to justify the murder of innocent civilians. They demand bay’ah (allegiance) to their leader and the group’s doctrines. They limit jihad (struggle) to mean “Holy War,” in order to fight the enemy and justify killing. They call on Muslims to make a hijrah (migration) from their “impure” environments and to live with “true Muslims” like them. They ask followers to become shaheed (martyrs) by committing suicide. They invite Muslims from all over the world to populate their khilafah (caliphate), which will usher in the “golden age” of Islam.