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The WISE Compact is an encapsulation of the principles and mission of WISE. This document ties together the WISE network and serves as a common manifesto that guides each woman in their work. The principles in the Compact are grounded in Islam (and the Maqasid al-Shari'a specifically) which point to a series of rights for all Muslim women, as well as a collective commitment to struggle for these rights together as the WISE community.

Please join our movement - either sign the WISE Compact as a Muslim woman, or endorse the WISE Compact as a supporter of Muslim women and the WISE movement.

If you are not yet familiar with the WISE Compact, please read it (available in multiple languages) before completing the form below.

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Submitted Signatures

Number Date Name Organization Location
1567 2017-09-14 Guadalupe Estrada College Station, United States
1566 2017-09-12 anonymous Winterville, Afghanistan
1565 2017-09-07 Aisha Pena Brooklyn, United States
1564 2017-08-27 anonymous anonymous anonymous
1563 2017-08-26 anonymous anonymous anonymous
1562 2017-08-24 Joshua Pechulis N/A Kingston, United States
1560 2017-08-02 anonymous anonymous anonymous
1559 2017-07-29 Jean Muhammad Bridgeport, United States
1558 2017-07-23 mashal farrukh lahore, Pakistan
1557 2017-07-17 Ayda Basaran New York, United States
1556 2017-07-14 Jared Green ISIS England, Afghanistan
1555 2017-07-11 Dhwani Bachkaniwala Surat, India
1554 2017-07-03 Batool Hussain NY, United States
1553 2017-07-02 anonymous anonymous anonymous
1552 2017-07-01 anonymous Winterville, Afghanistan
1551 2017-06-15 Morgan Buchanan Denver, United States
1550 2017-06-13 Ben Yardley Chad, Congo
1549 2017-05-25 Jehanara Haider New Milford, United States
1548 2017-05-22 Citizen OfEarth SGCOE.Com MANY, United States