Gender-based inequality is a global phenomenon that transcends culture, religion, and income. Although Muslim women’s lives are influenced by a complex interaction of religious, cultural, social, economic, and political factors, religion wields a disproportionately large impact on each of these other factors. In many places, personal bias against women’s equality or distorted religious interpretations lead to violations of women’s rights, adversely affecting the lives of women and girls.

WISE fills the much-needed gap of a Muslim women’s “pressure group.” It sets its own agenda by using an egalitarian framework that Muslims hold dear, so that, our work can penetrate deeper into the grassroots communities where sustainable social change is most needed. By utilizing core values of Islam as a rallying cry we seek to empower Muslim women to fully participate in their communities and nations, and to amplify their voices at all levels of political, economic, religious, and social discourse.

Religious values are a powerful force in social justice activism as witnessed in the American women’s suffrage movement and anti-slavery movement. In 2020, WISE will launch a new publication, 30 Rights (Haqq) of a Muslim Woman.

The Muslim Women – Rights of Muslim Women toolkit will empower women and girls to advocate for their own right and to become effective women’s rights advocates within their communities. The Rights of Muslim Women toolkit is aimed to:

  1. Educate young Muslims on how to express their rights within Islam so they can assert their rights and prevent parents to impose outdated and archaic rules on them.
  2. Bridge intergenerational gaps, enabling a more cohesive and supportive family environment.
  3. Foster an inclusive and open discussion towards the advancement of Muslim women
  4. Enable social justice activists to integrate their core beliefs into their movements
  5. Protect harm to women by showcasing that Islam condemns women’s oppression and supports women’s self-determination and agency.

Section #1

Preamble on Women’s Equality & History of Patriachy

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Section #2

Methodology of Islamic Jurisprudence and its call for Social Justice

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Section #3

Women’s Rights in Islam

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Section #4

Nexus of Culture and Religions

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2020 Campaign and Publication Coming Soon…

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