The Publication of WISE UP: Knowledge Ends Extremism

WISE UP: Knowledge Ends Extremism uses knowledge as the most powerful tool against all forms of extremism and centers around a 365-page research and evidence-based report authored by 72 contributors. In this resource, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, other faith, and civic experts have provided their expertise on practical ways to counter extremism, hate crimes, Islamophobia, and terrorism committed by groups like ISIS/Daesh.

WISE UP: Knowledge Ends Extremism toolkit, comprises three interrelated yet discrete sections, each covering a different aspect of violent extremism and Islamophobia and each usable as a stand-alone guide

Part #1

Voices of American Muslims

Gives voice to the American Muslim community in its ongoing effort to set the record straight on Islam and Muslims, and to show that American Muslims are speaking out against all forms of hate, including terrorism and Islamophobia.
Demonstrates challenges that American Muslims confront – civil rights violations, biased media portrayals, bigots defaming Islam, marginalization leading to alienation, etc.
Highlights profiles of 30 American Muslim celebrities who contribute to American culture in different fields.

Part #2

Islamic Theology vs. Extremist Ideology

Showcases the history of Islam, its Prophet, core beliefs, practices, and sacred texts.

Compares the true meaning of 8 Islamic terms with ISIS’ distortion of these terms: ummah/jama’ah, kafir/takfir, jihad, bay’ah, hijrah, shahid, khalifah/khilafah, and al-wala’ wal bara’.

Section #3

Preventing Extremist Recruitment

Details 16 recruitment tactics used by Daesh/ ISIS on social media to indoctrinate vulnerable individuals.
Identifies 8 push and pull factors which motivate individuals to join the group.
Provides preventative tools against indoctrination by focusing on family intervention, religious counseling, healthy parenting, adolescent development, and emulating 40 Muslim heroes.