Our Impact

The initial success of the program enabled WISE to extend the project for another year in twenty Kabul mosques, and to replicate the project activities in throughout the 34 provinces of Afghanistan. 

National Expansion

From 2009 to 2015 WISE–NECDO expanded the training to all provinces trained 6000 Afghan Imam’s on women’s rights.

Community Influence

Delivered over 300 Friday sermons on issues of gender inequality to approximately 117,600 congregants 14,400, or 12%, were women

Shifting Values

Student monitors reported, 97% of the 240 individuals interviewed after the Friday sermons believed that Islamic human rights for men and women were equal and the same.

Educational Outreach

15,000 booklets on ending violence against women were produced and distributed among mosques.


200 women attended Imam Abdul Wasi’s khutbah in Kabul and expressed their appreciation because they were now aware of their Islamic rights.


The Imam-training program received the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding ‘Peacemakers in Action’ Award from the Clinton Global Initiative as a 2010 Commitment to Action

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