The Emergence of Terrorism and Its Consequences

Extremist violence continues to claim thousands of lives every year, while extremist propaganda and indoctrination prey on the frustrations of the disenfranchised.

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How Terrorists Think

In recent years, why is it that some individuals have resorted to terrorism as the only means to fight what they perceive to be injustice? Are these people pathological? Are they illiterate? Ignorant? Do they have abnormal personalities? Are they economically deprived?

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What Is ISIS/ISIL/Daesh?

Daesh, the Arabic acronym for “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” or ISIS, is a politically motivated group seeking to change the international system through violence.

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Terrorists and Their Delusions

Terrorists blatantly manipulate the religion of Islam in an attempt to justify acts of violence and terror. When we deconstruct their warped logic and the unauthentic sources used to justify their desire for power, control, and bloodshed, we see that the ideologies of these groups contain some serious flaws.

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Why Daesh Distorts Islam

Extremists use religion as an ideology because religion is a powerful motivating factor that binds people of different backgrounds in a common cause. RRG provides an overview of how and why Daesh misuses religion to not only justify their actions, but also to attract people to join.

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8 Islamic Concepts Daesh Distorts

Below are the eight core Islamic concepts that Daesh distorts to form the basis of its twisted ideology.

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Loyalty and Disavowal: Al-Wala’ wal Bara’

One Community: Ummah

Excommunication: Takfir

Pledge of Allegiance: Bay’ah

Migration: Hijrah

The Struggle with the Ego: The Greater Jihad

Martyrdom: Shaheed

Misconceptions About the Caliphate: Khalifah/Khilafah

Debunked: “Cosmic War”

Debunked: Jews–Enemies of Muslims

Debunked: There is Only One Way to God

Debunked: Daesh’s View of Women

Debunked: The Revival of Slavery

Debunked: The Destruction of Antiquities and Historical Sites

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