Tayyibah Taylor


United States

Known for

Women's Rights


Hijri 1371–1435 (AH);
Common Era 1952–Present 2014 (CE)

Tayyibah Taylor


Tayyibah Taylor (1952-2014) was the cofounder of Azizah Magazine. Ms. Taylor was a tireless international voice for Muslim women everywhere. Through her Azizah magazine and advocacy efforts, she helped people of all faiths to broaden their perceptions of the lives and potential of Muslim women as she worked to reveal their true accomplishments and talent. Her business, which continues, helps people see beyond stereotypes of “the other” and focus on how diversity can bring greater economic success to communities.

Taylor founded Azizah Magazine , written by and for Muslim women, and its publishing company, WOW Publishing, in Atlanta in 1999. The magazine took off, capturing a New America Media Award and three FOLIO Eddie  awards. It continues today under the publishing guidance of Soerakoesoemah, who first met Taylor when they were both young Muslim mothers in Seattle.