Sherin Khankan



Known for

Imam, Author


Hijri 1394-Present (AH); Common Era 1974-Present (CE)

Sherin Khankan


Sherin Khankan holds an MA in Sociology of Religion and Philosophy from the University of Copenhagen. She was born in Denmark, is a Lecturer, teacher, activist, columnist, and public speaker. She has specialized in contemporary Islamic activism in Europe and the Middle East. Founder and Chairwoman of Critical Muslims, founded in 2001 - the first and only organization in Denmark that has promoted female Muslim leadership - she is also the Founder and leader of Face to Face, a counseling service for Muslim women in Denmark. Her book "Islam and reconciliation- a public matter", was published in October 2006 and was later translated into English. Sherin Khankan has contributed to several anthologies, e.g., Syrernes Damaskus (The Syrians' Damascus), De Røde Sko- Feminisme Nu (The Red Shoes- Feminism Now), and Ord på Samvittigheden (Conscience and Words). She is member of a think tank called Co-existence of Civilizations, created in the aftermath of the cartoon crisis, and the co-founder of Mesopotamia, a consultancy firm that aids businesses in strengthening their communication with Muslims. She has appeared in media for the last five years on topics on Islam, and is former candidate for the Parliament, for the Party Radical Left. She opened the first female-led mosque in Scandinavia in the city of Copenhagen called Mariam mosque where she is an Imam.