Saima Khalil


United States

Known for

Macomb county prosecutor candidate


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Saima Khalil


Saima Khalil is a first-generation Pakistani American. She is a lifelong resident of Macomb country, growing up in Warren and graduating from Warren Wood Tower Highschool in 1998. Khalil went on to go to University at Wayne State University in Detroit and at University of Michigan Dearborn. After graduating from University Khalil went to Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 2012 and passed the Michigan state bar in 2012.   Khalil has spent many years in a legal career, representing many individuals from all walks of life. Her legal career allowed her witness how any criminal charge, whether small or big, can have devasting impacts on families and communities. Khalil is seeking the Office of Prosecuting Attorning in Macomb County to help progressive positive and progressive reform. She believes that the community of Macomb deserves an elected official who works for the people and upholds the highest ethics.   If Khalil wants issues such as poverty, addiction, and mental illness to be taken seriously by the court of law. She understands that the lack of resources can lead to criminal acts. Her approach will help reform the system by seeking rehabilitation and restorative justice over punitive measures.