Iman Jodeh


United States

Known for

Member of the Colorado House of Representatives from the 41st district


Hijri 1403-Present (AH); Common Era 1982-Present (CE)

Iman Jodeh


Iman Mohamad Jodeh became the first Palestinian American Muslim and women of color lawmaker in Colorado state by running for the Democratic Party and defeating her Republican opponent with 65.86% of the vote in the 2020 general election. Iman's legislative session in Colorado's General Assembly for the 41st district in the Colorado House of Representatives begins in January 2021.  Jodeh's experience as a daughter of Palestinian Muslim parents who arrived in the U.S. in 1974 drove her to advocate for Muslim immigrants' rights and inclusion in Colorado.  Iman has worked extensively as an interfaith liaison with Muslims and non-Muslims in Aurora, where she grew up. It led her to found Meet the Middle East in 2008, a nonprofit oriented to bridge understanding among Americans of the Middle East's cultural, social, and spiritual richness through education, cultural events, consulting, and immersion travel. Jodeh is also the Community Advocate & Liaison for the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado, where she supports and empowers communities to stand for themselves at the Capitol and testify in support of or opposition to bills.  While Iman was growing up, the Gulf Wars and 9/11 took place. Since that moment, she tried to use her voice, knowledge, and passion to debunk many myths and stereotypes of Muslims and fight bigotry. She visited her family in Palestine during summers, exposing her to occupation, oppression, and apartheid. Those lived experiences shaped Jodeh's awareness of the need to create spaces of community inclusiveness for a large portion of Aurora's community that was and still is underrepresented.  As a Member of the Colorado House of Representatives from the 41st district, Jodeh plans to meet the needs of children of immigrants and refugees, and first-generation Americans.  Jodeh holds a Bachelor's in Political Science and earned a Master's in Public Policy from Colorado Denver University.