It is common knowledge  within the Muslim community that in 7th Century Arabia the Quran & Prophet Muhammad ﷺ revolutionized women’s rights, yet, these rights are not reflected in the reality of Muslim women today.  If you want to know why, our upcoming book, The “30 Rights of Muslim Women” explores many answers.  

You may be wondering, what was the inspiration behind this book? A few years ago, a young Muslim woman intern from New York told me that her parents had tried to “force her into marriage” and because she had nowhere to turn, she “refused the offer” and ran away from home. Saddened by this, we asked her what WISE could do to help, she said, “put all Muslims women rights in one place, so girls can find the information and use it to assert their God given rights.”

When we began the research, we did not realize what a monumental task it is to publish a scholarly rigorous yet easily accessible book. We are glad to report that we have achieved our dream. and all that is needed now it to get “30 Rights of Muslim Women” book into the hands of women and girls everywhere so they can use it to protect and promote their rights.

We would like to do this with you- people of conscience– so we can spread the truth of Islam and stop its mischaracterization.  


The Book

“30 Rights of Muslim Women” details how the Quran  uplifts women– and how the Prophet  ﷺ advocated for women, while society oppressed them.  It is a scholarly yet easily readable book which utilizes faith-based arguments to advance women’s rights through scriptural interpretation.

It is divided into three easy sections:

– Section #1 Presents a history of patriarchy and gender equality, while articulating the fundamentals of Islamic jurisprudence.

– Section #2 Details Qur’anic support for 30 rights of women, i.e.: right to education, career, leadership, testimony, divorce etc. all classified under the six objectives of Shariah (life, intellect, religion, dignity, family, and wealth)

– Section #3 Disentangles the universal tenants of Islamic law from the varying customs, revealing the socially inherited practices that are often conflated with Islamic principles.

How You Will Help

Your support will help us launch the book in phases:

1) Publication of the book in both print and digital versions;

2) Digitization – A 30 week digital campaign (Haqq of a woman) highlighting one right (Haqq) per week, starting in early  2021.

3) Develop e-learning webinars for Muslim women leaders and interfaith allies

Ever penny you donate will be used to disseminate this book and its content. We know that this book in the hands of Muslim women, will be a shield against oppression, a hammer against injustice and a nightmare for the Islamophobes ​​Join us please, so with your help we can “set the record straight once and for all. Thank you for your consideration and support.  

2020 Campaign and Publication Coming Soon…