Our Change Theory

CollaborationFoster a culture of support among Muslim women to create long term strategic goals for women’s empowerment. 

Objective: Unite a diverse group of Muslim women and encourage partnerships to foster solidarity amongst Muslim women to promote rights for women globally.

Strategy: Convene global WISE conferences to share best practices and build partnerships among diverse Muslim women. These global and local forums and skill building trainings allow women to strategize around critical issues, increase their abilities to empower themselves, and set their own development goals. To expand its reach, WISE partners with diverse stakeholders ie. human rights organizations, interfaith groups, male scholars, and government entities.

Results: Our Annual Global Conferences held in 2006, 2009, and 2011 included an average of 200 participants from 75 nations. See more.

Research – Provide research and evidence-based reports for Muslim women’s advocacy efforts.

Objective: Increase the capacity of the Global Muslim women’s Shura Council to publish opinion papers using faith-based arguments to end corrupt customs that violate women’s rights and dignity of all people.

Strategy: Enable WISE Global Muslim women’s Shura Council to research and publish evidence-based reports to promote equitable positions on the critical issues faced by Muslim women worldwide. These reports grounded in faith-based arguments advocate for women’s rights and responsibilities as a legitimate alternative to the oppressive religious arguments.

Results: Published and disseminated position papers on domestic violence, female genital cutting, child marriage, adoption, terrorism, and other topics concerning women.

Communication – Function as an authoritative source and clearinghouse on Muslim women’s issues, activism, and legacy.

Objective: Amplify Muslim women’s voices to emphasize their contribution to the communities and countries around the world.

Strategy: WISE’s web portal highlights Muslim women past and present in a way that is markedly absent. This forum is an accessible hub for addressing contemporary issues facing Muslim women and girls around the globe.

Results: Profiled 500 Muslim women past and present to call attention to the positive work of Muslim women around the world. Engage mainstream media on issues relating to Muslim women by providing time sensitive information on Muslim women’s advocacy.

Action – Develop culturally sensitive and innovative approaches to end gender-based discrimination champion women’s rights.

Objective: Identify grassroots partners from WISE’s global network of women to incubate incubate new projects for the upliftment of women and girls.

Strategy: Implement projects and programs sensitive to the context of different cultures and countries. WISE partnerships with local efforts will aim to change behaviors and attitudes toward women in religious and government institutions. The shift in public perception will be measured by the ranking system conceding to the Muslim world values.

Results: Implemented projects in partnership with WISE Women to address region-specific women’s issues. In Afghanistan, WISE initiated an Imam training program on the five basic rights of women; In Pakistan, WISE created a domestic violence awareness campaign for law enforcement; and in Egypt, WISE  developed a new business model to incentivize practitioners of FGM to end the practice.

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