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Throughout the ages, from the earliest days of Islam to contemporary times today, Muslim women have been and continue to be active leaders in their communities and countries across the world. This directory is a growing archive of leading Muslim women scholars, activists, writers, politicians, artists, religious and spiritual leaders, civil society leaders and more. Please contribute to this archive by suggesting Muslim women to be featured through our recommendation form.

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Abida Malik

photo of Abida Malik Senior Vice President, Behbud Association of Pakistan

Adriana Rose Kaplan Marcusan

photo of Adriana Rose Kaplan Marcusan Director and Chair, Knowledge Transfer at the Department of Social Anthropology (Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona)

Afra Jalabi

photo of Afra Jalabi Columnist for the Saudi daily Al Yaum, Shura Council Member

Aisha Rafea

photo of Aisha Rafea Co-leader, The Egyptian Society for Spiritual and Cultural Research (ESSCR), Shura Council Member

Akanke Abdul-Khalliq

photo of Akanke Abdul-Khalliq Communications Specialist

Amel Azouz

photo of Amel Azouz Member, Women’s Office of the Islamic Party, Ennahdha; English Instructor

Amina Zuberi

photo of Amina Zuberi Chairlady, Tangana Women Development Group

Anissa Naqrachi

photo of Anissa Naqrachi President and Founder, Nour Association for Solidarity with Rural Women

Asli Sancar

photo of Asli Sancar Author

Asma Jamil Sadiq

photo of Asma Jamil Sadiq Director of Child Development at the Beth Israel Medical Center/Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Albert Einstein School

Asmaa Mahfouz

photo of Asmaa Mahfouz Political Activist

Asmal Mooneera

no photo available Consultant and Activist, Social uplifting

Ayisha Amatu Rahim Jeffries

photo of Ayisha Amatu Rahim Jeffries Vice President of Global Affairs and Senior Policy Advisor on Gender Equity, President of the African-American Islamic Institute

Aylin Yurdacan

photo of Aylin Yurdacan Member, TURKKAD

Ayse Jale Mekis Diker

photo of Ayse Jale Mekis Diker Chairwoman and Managing Director, D&A Dis Ticaret A.S.; President, Ankara Soroptimist Club; President, TSKF Project Commission

Aysenur Bilgi Solak

photo of Aysenur Bilgi Solak Politician; Sociologist

Aziza Ahmed

photo of Aziza Ahmed Assistant Professor of Law, Northeastern University School of Law

Belgin Batum

photo of Belgin Batum Project Manager and Board Member, TURKKAD-Istanbul; Founder and Chairwoman, Nefes Publishing House

Beyza Zapsu

photo of Beyza Zapsu Founder and Chairperson, Young Lives Foundation (Genc Hayat Vakfı)

Binta Jammeh-Sidibe

photo of Binta Jammeh-Sidibe Executive Director of the Association for the Promotion of Girls' and Women's Advancement in the Gambia (APGWA)

Brigitte Jelen

photo of Brigitte Jelen Assistant Professor, Bahcesehir University in Istanbul, Turkey

Camille Adams Helminski

photo of Camille Adams Helminski Co-Director (and co-founder) of The Threshold Society, Shura Council Member

Canguzel Guner Zulfikar

no photo available Turkish instructor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Cemalnur Sargut

photo of Cemalnur Sargut Spiritual teacher

Cherry (Shenazz) Muslim

no photo available Lecturer in School of Religion, Philosophy, and Classics, University of KwaZulu-Natal (Howard College)

Christina Safiya Tobias-Nahi

photo of Christina Safiya Tobias-Nahi Director of Public Affairs, Islamic Relief USA

Dawood Sharifa Khanam

no photo available Founder, STEPS Women’s Development Organization

Dilek Guldutuna

no photo available Doctor, Medical Centre Goethe Passage

Dilshad D. Ali

photo of Dilshad D. Ali Editor,

Dinara Alimdjanova

photo of Dinara Alimdjanova Director, Gender Study Center

Elif Erhan

photo of Elif Erhan Project Coordinator, TURKKAD

Elizabeth Benhalim

no photo available Founder and Principal, DiversityWealth

Esin Celebi

photo of Esin Celebi Vice President, International Mevlâna Foundation

Faeeza Vaid

photo of Faeeza Vaid Coordinator of the Muslim Women’s Network/ Chairperson of Sister 2 Sister

Farheen Syeed Kapra

photo of Farheen Syeed Kapra Lawyer, Shura Council Member

Farkondeh Keyhani

no photo available Senior television producer, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB); President, Eghlime Noor Institute

Fatima Ahmed

photo of Fatima Ahmed Founder, Zenab for Women in Development (ZWD)

Fatima El-Hajj

photo of Fatima El-Hajj Attorney; Activist, KAFA Organization

Fatima Outaleb

photo of Fatima Outaleb Founding Member and Executive Board Member, Union de l’Action Féminine (Union of Women’s Action)

Fatima Sadiqi (MA, PhD)

photo of Fatima Sadiqi (MA, PhD) Author, women’s right advocate, cultural activism

Fatma Alhad Mohamed Hyder

photo of Fatma Alhad Mohamed Hyder Executive Director of JOMWA

Fatma Unay

photo of Fatma Unay Writer; Designer

Fauzia Janjua

photo of Fauzia Janjua Financial and Banking Consultant, First Women Bank Limited

Fawzia Al-Attia

photo of Fawzia Al-Attia Professor of Sociology-Baghdad University

Fawzia Khondker

photo of Fawzia Khondker National Gender Specialist for the Scope Project

Fawziah Alhani

photo of Fawziah Alhani Social and Human Rights Activist

Gihan Abdu Zaid

photo of Gihan Abdu Zaid Regional Consultant, Regional Bureau of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

Gonca Aydin

no photo available Vice-President of the Union of Muslim Theologians and Islamic Religious Researchers, Shura Council Member

Gulnara Karakulova

photo of Gulnara Karakulova Founder and Director, Women’s Resource Center

Hanan Muaddi

photo of Hanan Muaddi Head of the Documentation and Advocacy Unit at the Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counseling (WCLAC)

Hatice Isil Sarraf

photo of Hatice Isil Sarraf Member, TURKKAD

Hauwa Ibrahim

photo of Hauwa Ibrahim Senior partner, Aries Law Firm

Hawanatu Sesay

photo of Hawanatu Sesay Administrative Secretary for the Sierra Leone Muslim Missionaries

Hinna Maqsood

photo of Hinna Maqsood Social worker; Life skills trainer

Hoda Mobasseri

photo of Hoda Mobasseri Manager, the Adult Education Centre for Women and Families; Content Supervisor, the Persian Female Portal

Houda Marmouti

photo of Houda Marmouti Medical representative; Professional and personnel coach

Hubbie Hussein al-Haji

photo of Hubbie Hussein al-Haji Executive Director, Womankind Kenya

Huma Jamshed

photo of Huma Jamshed President and Founder of ACESOP

Ivana Hrdlickova

photo of Ivana Hrdlickova Legal Expert, Council of Europe

Jamila Afghani

photo of Jamila Afghani Head, Noor Educational and Capacity Development Organization (NECDO)

Joumanah El Matrah

photo of Joumanah El Matrah Executive Director, Islamic Women’s Welfare Council of Victoria

Judge Kholoud Al-Faqih

photo of Judge Kholoud Al-Faqih Judge, Sharia Court of Ramallah

Laila al-Zwaini

photo of Laila al-Zwaini Specialist in Shari`a, rule of law, and tribes in the Muslim world

Laisa Masuhud Alamia

photo of Laisa Masuhud Alamia Program Manager and co-founder of Nisa Ul Haqq Fi Bansamoro / Partner at ALCAP Law Offices, Shura Council Member

Lena Alhusseini

photo of Lena Alhusseini Executive Director, Arab American Family Support Center (AAFSC)

Leyla Pervizat

photo of Leyla Pervizat Women’s rights defender; Feminist researcher

Livia Iskandar

photo of Livia Iskandar Co-Founder /International Director of PULIH Center for Trauma Recovery and Psychosocial Intervention, Shura Council Member

Maha Alkhateeb

photo of Maha Alkhateeb Co-director, Peaceful Families Project

Mari Folad

no photo available Member, Jalal Foundation

Maria Bichra Ep El- Hamzaoui

photo of Maria Bichra Ep El- Hamzaoui Director, Publishing Agency

Markhabo Zununova

photo of Markhabo Zununova Founder and Chairperson of Marriage and Family

Mary Alex

photo of Mary Alex Fundraising Trainer

Mary Batool Al-Toma

photo of Mary Batool Al-Toma Director, New Muslims Project

Marzia Basel

no photo available Founder and director of the Afghanistan Progressive Law Organization

Mehnaz M. Afridi

photo of Mehnaz M. Afridi Director of the Manhattan College Holocaust Resource Center

Merhezia Labidi-Maiza

photo of Merhezia Labidi-Maiza Official Translator, International Union of Islamic Scholars; Member, European Council of Religious Leaders

Mohja Kahf

photo of Mohja Kahf Poet ; Associate Professor of Middle Eastern literature and Islamic Studies

Moliah Hashim

photo of Moliah Hashim Chief Executive Officer, Yayasan MENDAKI

Mouna Ghanem

photo of Mouna Ghanem Director, Center for Development

Mufuliat Fijabi

photo of Mufuliat Fijabi Independent Consultant on Women’s Rights and Development Issues

Muna AbuSulayman

photo of Muna AbuSulayman Executive Director of the Kingdom Foundation, Saudi Arabia / Fashion Designer

Nabila Freidji

photo of Nabila Freidji CEO, Cash One

Nadira Mirza

photo of Nadira Mirza Dean, School of Lifelong Education and Development; Director of Access, Public, and Community Engagement

Nafis Sadik

photo of Nafis Sadik Special Advisor to UN Secretary General

Najah Amro

photo of Najah Amro Head of Research and Islamic Jurisprudence, Office of Chief Justice of Shariah Court

Nani Zulminarni

photo of Nani Zulminarni National Coordinator, PEKKA (Women-headed Household Empowerment)

Naziema Jappie

no photo available Women’s rights activist; Executive Director: Advancement, Durban University of Technology

Nazira Moosa

no photo available Business Development Director, Motlekar Holdings

Nazli Kayahan

photo of Nazli Kayahan Board Member, Turkish Women’s Cultural Association Istanbul

Ndeye Andujar

photo of Ndeye Andujar Co-founder and Vice-President, Junta Islamica Catalana

Nese Tas

photo of Nese Tas Board Member, TURKKAD; Board Member, Nefas Publishing

Nevin Reda

photo of Nevin Reda Shura Council Member

Ni’mah Isma’il Nawwab

photo of Ni’mah Isma’il Nawwab Poet, Writer, Lecturer, Photographer, Activist, Humanitarian

Nigar Babayeva

no photo available Ph.D. candidate, Marmara University

Nurbibi Hassanali Shermohamed

no photo available Activist for HIV positive Muslim women seeking treatment

Rawya Mansour

photo of Rawya Mansour Founder and Chairperson, RAMSCO for Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection

Rosey Wang Ma

photo of Rosey Wang Ma Research Fellow, Department of Islamic History and Civilization at the University Malaya
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This search feature will enable you to find Muslim women by their Country. We are actively building the archive of Muslim women leaders from the past, as well as from today, and we would welcome your recommendations of women to feature. Please complete our “Recommend Muslim Women” form and check the site again in the near future as we actively expand this section of the portal with your suggestions.
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