Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente



Known for

Journalist, Women's Rights Activist, and Founder of “Mezquita de Mujeres”


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente


Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente is a Latina Muslim born in a Catholic Family. She embraced Islam in the Ramadan of 2010. She’s Summa Cum Laude bachelor in Media, Politics and Corporate Communication and specialized in gender, community development and human rights. She led non-profit initiatives aimed at empowering women from minority groups in Equator, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Morocco and South Africa; also served as a mentor for grass roots female leaders from Nigeria, Cameroon and Rwanda. As journalist she’s published at The Huffington Post, Le Monde Diplomatique, United Explanations, Feminism and Religion, Women News Network and Global Press Journal. Vanessa is an independent scholar and a recognized voice of Women and Gender Issues in Islam in Latin America. Her work has been featured in media outlets from Mexico to Indonesia and collected in academic journals and books in different countries. She was the only hispanic Muslim participating in the "Change Your World" Summit for women leaders of the Yahoo's Business and Human Rights program, being awarded for her commitment for third world women's uplifting and the end of discrimination and stereotypes that affect Muslim women. She’s the founder of “Mezquita de Mujeres” (Women’s Mosque) an unique initiative aimed at Spanish-speaking audience, based on gender justice and intercultural communication that seeks to promote the contributions of Muslim women in all areas of human endeavor, as well as those of women belonging to social minorities.


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