Malika "Queen" Tindu



Known for

Mongol Queen of Baghdad


Hijri Unknown-822 (AH); Common Era Unknown-1419 (CE)

Malika "Queen" Tindu


Malika Tindu was a member of the Mongol Jallarid dynasty and initially enters the historical scene as the beautiful daughter of King Awis. With the Mongol position in Iraq weakening against the attacks of the invader Tamerlane, Tindu was married to the last Mamluk king of Egypt, al-Zahir Barquq. In return for this match, her father received the aid of the Egyptian army to fend off invasions. However, Tindu was unable to adjust to life in Cairo and longed to return to Iraq and her husband permitted her to return to Iraq despite the love he felt for her. Following the dissolution of her first marriage, she married her cousin Shah Walad, the Governor for the Caliph. After his death, she ascended to the throne in 814 AH. As queen, the khutbah was said in her honor, coins were minted in her name, and she was a great patroness of mosques. She continued to rule for the next eight years and after her death, her son inherited the throne.


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