Sarah Khan


United States

Known for

Program Director of Maitri


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Sarah Khan


Sarah Khan is the Program Director of Maitri, a non-profit located in California. Maitri was conceived in 1991 by a group of Indian women who saw a burgeoning need in the community for a support group for South Asian women by South Asian women. Maitri uses volunteers to man phone lines and in 1999 opened low-cost, transitional housing for women in various stages of change. Furthermore, Maitri has established contacts with legal organization in the Bay Area, like the Asian Law Alliance, who take on cases pro bono. Maitri seeks to help clients integrated into mainstream American society, recognizing that the social and cultural isolation of its clients contributes to much of their problems. Moreover, Maitri attempts to instill confidence in its clients and ultimately, give the women the tools to make an informed decision about their lives.   Photo Attributed To


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