Safa Shehada



Known for

Ma'an Forum Director


Hijri 1382-Present (AH); Common Era 1963-Present (CE)

Safa Shehada


Safa Shehada has been the Ma'an Forum Director since 2001. Ms. Shehada has worked with multiple women’s organizations in the Negev, where she facilitated groups of women and gave advice to women’s groups. She also works as a social worker with youth at risk in Be’er Sheva. Ms. Shehada was born in 1963 to an Arab family in Lod, a mixed city in Israel. She studied management at The College of Management in Tel Aviv. She attended Ben Gurion University of the Negev where she pursued a bachelors and masters degree in Social Work while working as a teacher at a Bedouin School for tenth to twelfth graders.