Reem El Mutwalli


United Arab Emirates

Known for

Founder of the Zay Initiative


Hijri - Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era - Unknown-Present (CE)

Reem El Mutwalli


Dr. Reem El Mutwalli is the founder of The Zay Initiative, an organization created to celebrate the preservation of Arab heritage. A published author of four books, Dr. El Mutwalli has been contributing to the establishment of arts and culture since the early 1980s. A public figure, well known to be at helm of the UAE’s arts and culture scene, Dr. El Mutwalli has created museum displays, curated exhibitions, established art workshops, and influenced the careers of many UAE artists. She has advised world-renowned auction houses and VIP art collectors, led and driven cultural projects, and continues to maintain her private costume workshop and interior design consultancy. Recognized by the regional media as an authority on Middle Eastern culture, Dr. El Mutwalli is a frequent spokesperson and contributor to arts-led columns, features and thought leadership.