Raja Hijau



Known for

The Green Queen of Patani


Hijri 992-1025 (AH); Common Era 1584-1616 (CE)

Raja Hijau


Raju Hijau, whose name translates to the “Green Queen,” was queen of the Malayan kingdom-sultanate of Patani. She succeeded her brother as ruler, following his tumultuous 20 year reign, which was ended by his murder. Her reign marked an entry into a golden age when Patani was in the hands of four successive queens.The first of three sisters who ruled the kingdom, she was the daughter of Sultan Manzur Shah. The sisters who followed the Green Queen were known by the similarly colorful monikers of the Blue Queen and the Violet Queen. The fourth queen was known was the Yellow Queen. She was the ruler encountered by the Dutch East India Company and the English East India Company visited southern Thailand. In 1604, Jacob van Neck related that the sultanate under Raju was prosperous and inclined to perceive trade with the Westerners positively. Indeed, Raju was open to the diversity provided by the traders, not only those from Europe, but Chinese merchants as well, many of whom were absorbed into the elite.


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