Raissa Jajurie



Known for

Moro Program Coordinator of the Alternative Legal Assistance Center


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Raissa Jajurie


Raissa Jajurie is the Moro Program Coordinator of the Alternative Legal Assistance Center (locally known as SALIGAN). Prior to this position, Ms. Jajurie was SALIGAN’s Researcher, Publications Officer, Women’s Unit Coordinator, Mindanao Branch Coordinator and Executive Director. She has been with the organization since 1989. As an alternative lawyer and advocate for Muslim women’s rights, Ms. Jajurie believes in justice for Muslim women in accordance with Islamic teachings, as well as human rights standards. After more than a decade of working with other Muslim women, she co-founded Nisa Ul-Haqq fi Bangsamoro (Women for Justice in the Bansamoro), which now conducts grassroots trainings for women, community dialogues, researchers, and policy advocacy. She is Vice-Chair of Nisa. Ms. Jajurie is a Tausug, one of the ethno-linguistic groups that make up the “Bangsamoro” (or Moro Nation), which has been struggling for their right to self-determination. The Moro peoples are largely of the Islamic faith, and have waged a war against the Spanish colonizers for 300 years and against the Philippine government in contemporary times. Ms. Jajurie’s work has been in the area of human rights of the Moro peoples as well as other marginalized sectors and identities, including Muslim Moro women.