Rafiah Al-Talei



Known for

Journalist, Specializes in Civil Rights, Women's Issues & Politics


Hijri 1390-Present (AH); Common Era 1971-Present (CE)

Rafiah Al-Talei


Rafiah Al-Talei is a news writer for the Middle East Broadcasting Networks, a non-profit corporation that operates the Arabic-language Alhurra TV and Radio Sawa network. She has served as editor-in-chief of Al Mar’ah, Oman’s only Arabic and English-language women’s magazine, as well as a frequent contributor to the online magazine Gulf in the Media. An experienced journalist specializing in media and women’s rights, she has served as an editor and weekly columnist for Oman’s leading daily newspaper, Oman, and was the contributing editor for the Oman section of Freedom House’s 2005 report, “Women’s Rights in the Arab World.” As a candidate in 2003 for a seat on Oman’s Consultative Council, she educated people in her local district regarding the democratic process. Drawing on her experiences as a journalist and political candidate, Ms. Al-Talei’s fellowship project examined the political challenges confronting Omani women today and identified ways to increase their involvement in the political process. In 2007, Ms. Al-Talei co-founded an NGO called the Gulf Forum for Citizenship, based in Woodbridge, Virginia.


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