Princess Lulwah Al Faisal


Saudi Arabia

Known for

Member of the Saudi royal family who promotes women’s rights, education, and philanthropy


1367 Hijri 1948 CE

Princess Lulwah Al Faisal


Princess Lulwah Al Faisal is the daughter of a former Saudi king and sister of the current foreign minister. She was the keynote speaker at a 2004 event with the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London called “Challenging Limitation: The Redefinition of the Roles for Women in the GCC (Gulf Corporation Council),” organized by the London Middle East Institute. There she spoke about the contribution of Saudi women to society, and how women’s lives have changed from the past to the present. Al Faisal made headlines during the World Economic forum in 2007. At a public session on promoting religious tolerance, she said that if she could change one thing about her country it would be to let women drive- directly challenging the driving ban enforced by Saudi’s elite male rulers.


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