Omie Baldwin


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Navajo Activist and Humanitarian

Omie Baldwin


A member of the Diné Nation (also known as Navajos), Omie Baldwin has been the organizer for the participation of the Americas Indigenous peoples in the Council for a Parliament of the World Religions since 1993. A clinical social worker at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, University Health Services, Baldwin is involved with the Native American students on campus and is a leading expert in the problems facing indigenous populations. She also continues to be active in her Diné Nation home community on the Navajo Nation in Arizona. At the 2004 meeting of the Goldin Institute for International Partnership and Peace Spirituality, Baldwin represented the indigenous peoples. Baldwin is a board member of the Fund of the Sacred Circle, Headwaters Foundation for Peace & Social Justice which fund groups advocating for social change. Serving as an advisor for Project Ujjain which is designed to help local self-help efforts in Madhya Pradesh, India, Baldwin has traveled widely to further her hopes for a better world, going to India to promote the project.


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