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Only daughter of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent by Hürrem Sultan

Mihrimah Sultan


Mihrimah Sultana, the only daughter of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent by Hürrem (also called Roxelana), wielded great political power. She and her mother were an important part of the ruling circle that influenced the sultan's decisions, particularly those concerning the succession of the sultanate. Mihrimah, like her mother, was known to write letters to the king of Poland and she encouraged her father to launch a campaign against Malta, promising to build 400 galleys at her own expense. Mihrimah married Rüstem Papa, the governor-general of Diyarbakir, who served as grand vizier from 1544-1553 and 1555-1561. The gap in Rüstem’s service is attributed to the murder of Mustafa, the sultan’s eldest surviving son. According to Ottoman historians, Mihrimah, Rüstem, and Hürrem conspired to bring about Mustafa’s demise because he stood in the way of Mihrimah’s influence over her father. Whether or not this assertion is true, the sultan faced negative public opinion following the murder of Mustafa and open protest from the army. He was forced to replace Rüstem as grand vizier with Kara Ahmed Pasha, a war hero and favorite of the army. But within two years under pressure from Hürrem and the inner circle, Kara Ahmed was eliminated and Rüstem resumed his duties as grand vizier, keeping the office until his death in 1561. 1


[1] Woman Muslim Leaders Throughout the Times.


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