Magda Amer



Known for

Biochemist, Naturopath, Caller of Islam, and Writer


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Magda Amer


Dr. Magda Amer is a Biochemist, Naturopath, and Caller of Islam. Dr. Amer has also written many books in Arabic, English, and French. Among these books is a series named The Miraculous Nature of Human Creation, which highlights the interpretation of Islamic teachings from the naturopathic perspective and includes, the secrets of ablution, the wisdom behind lowering the gaze, and a farewell to stress welcome tranquility. Her books also deal with tolerance in Islam, Islamic perspectives on legislation for women, etiquette in Islam, inheritance in Islamic legislature, and an encyclopedia of Islamic “Fikh.” She has dedicated her knowledge to the service of Da'wah. Dr. Amer received her PhD in biochemical analysis. She was appointed a fellow of Laboratory Analysis at Ain Shams University Hospital and was also a Lecturer of Immunology. She studied numerous naturopathic sciences including homeopathy, reflexology, acupuncture, cupping, aromatherapy, color therapy, herbal treatment, and nutritional healing from London International College. She is also a Certified Corporate trainer in Neurolinguistic programming, in hypnosis, and the Power of Energy 1 & 2 from the Canadian center of Dr. Ibrahim El Fiky. Dr. Amer received her B.A. in Islamic Legislation from Azhar University; she is licensed to deliver Islamic lessons in mosques.   Photo From