Livia Iskandar



Known for

Co-Founder and International Director of PULIH Center for Trauma Recovery and Psychosocial Intervention


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Livia Iskandar


Livia Iskandar is the Co-Founder, First Overall Coordinator and currently International Director of the PULIH Center for Trauma Recovery and Psychosocial Intervention, Indonesia. The PULIH Center’s head office is in South Jakarta and its field office is in Banda Aceh. PULIH works with communities, families, and individuals affected by violence and disaster by providing self-help information, expert witness testimony, and the development of supportive mechanisms including working with journalists, community and religious leaders in covering traumatic events. PULIH also extends psychosocial support and professional assistance for the population’s well being. Ms. Iskander has presented at numerous international and national conferences on gender based violence, community based psychosocial recovery, and other related topics. She is an active member of international networks on psychosocial issues, child protection and trauma recovery. She is a psychologist and activist working for social change to reduce disparities. Ms. Iskander will be pursuing her doctorate in Public Health in Community Based and Translational Research as an East West Fellow recipient in the fall of 2009.