Li Shuhuan



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Masters Candidate in Ideological Political Education

Li Shuhuan


Li Shuhuan, whose muslin name is Jasmine, is 25 years old. Ms. Shuhuan received her bachelor’s degree in Marketing and is currently working toward a Masters Degree in politics, concentrating in Ideological Political Education. She was born in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China's largest Muslim province and home to more than 10 million Muslims. Since 2005, Ms. Shuhuan has been committed to the following; supporting the study of Islam among Muslim women, promoting multi-cultural and inter-faith dialogue and supporting Muslim women through volunteerism and monetary contributions. Ms. Shuhuan is now living in Nanjing in eastern China, where unlike her hometown there are very few Muslims. Her main goals are now promoting the progress of Muslim women and helping Muslim women realize their true position in Islam. Additionally, Ms. Shuhuan encourages Muslim women to become active members of their community and while promoting the real, harmonious, kind-hearted and beautiful image of a tolerant Islam.

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