Leyla Cakir



Known for

Renowned Social Worker at the PUNT Non-Profit Institution


Hijri 1398-Present (AH); Common Era 1978-Present (CE)

Leyla Cakir


Leyla Cakir started her professional career working in a youth jail for 2 years. Now, she is a Social Worker in a non-profit institution named PUNT welzijn in the city of Weert, the Netherlands. Her professional goal is to stimulate the intercultural communication between Dutch citizens and immigrants. Next to her profession she is the only female chairman of the mosque Ihlas, a volunteer job. She's frequently been asked in forums, for discussions and interviews. Previously she wrote articles (in Dutch) like: "(A) Way from Europe", "A Muslim with a vision without mission", "Hèhè the Netherlands are radicalising" and "Also a place for God in this society". Since so many things have happened with the Muslim society in the Netherlands after 9/11, Leyla Çakir is often interviewed by several media. Also her opinion regarding issues as; integration, terrorism, radicalism, Islam, Muslim women's position, etcetera is often been asked. She's been born in the Netherlands in 1978, having immigrant parents from Turkey. Recently she's been asked to become the chairman of a Muslim women organisation, who operates more nationally.