Jaskaran Kaur



Known for

Co-founder and Co-director of Ensaaf, human rights org

Jaskaran Kaur


In 2001, Jaskaran Kaur received a Harvard Human Rights Summer Fellowship to travel to India and investigate how the government processed cases of disappearance; there was little access to justice for the victims and their families. This experience motivated Kaur to jointly form Ensaaf, a non-profit organization committed to ending impunity and promoting justice against mass state crimes in the Punjab of India. In 2003, she received Irving R. Kaufman Fellowship from Harvard Law School, then in 2006, she and co-founder Sukhman Dami, were awarded the Echoing Green Fellowship for their social entrepreneurial approach to social justice. Jaskaran has written many reports on human rights, such as Protecting Killers: A Policy of Impunity in Punjab, India, Twenty Years of Impunity: The November 1984 Pogroms of Sikhs in India, and, contributed to Reduced to Ashes: The Insurgency and Human Rights in Punjab. She is a member Harvard University’s Discrimination and National Security Initiative of the Pluralism Project.


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