Irfana Anwer


United States

Known for

Lawyer and Deputy Director of the Community Legal Interpreter Bank at Ayuda


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Irfana Anwer


Irfana Anwer is currently a staff attorney and the Deputy Director of the Community Legal Interpreter Bank at Ayuda. Ms. Anwer represents low income residents of Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland in matters of human rights and immigration law. She is closely involved in the national language access movement and is a member of numerous language access coalitions. She travels around the country regularly to speak about Ayuda's cutting edge and unique interpreter bank. Prior to her position at Ayuda, Ms. Anwer was the Executive Director and then the Director of the Family Law Division at Karamah: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights. Ms. Anwer designed and implemented Karamah's Law and Leadership Program for Muslim women around the world. Ms. Anwer managed a large Department of Justice grant that focused on training mainstream organizations about the Islamic perspective on domestic violence. She provided case management and referrals to Muslim women in domestic violence situations. She also gained expertise on the intersection of Islamic family law and American family law and spoke about the Muslim marriage contract at conferences and universities. Ms. Anwer traveled around the world to speak on the topic of Muslim women, Islamic law, and human rights. Ms. Anwer currently works very closely with Karamah and other Muslim women groups such as the Peaceful Families Project and Muslim Advocates Against Domestic Violence. She is an advocate of Muslim women speaking out against violence from within the rich Islamic traditions. Ms. Anwer works with these groups in order to carve out strategies to combat violence against women and promote an understanding of rights women have under Islamic law.