Hawanatu Sesay


Sierra Leone

Known for

Administrative Secretary for the Sierra Leone Muslim Missionaries

Hawanatu Sesay


Hawanatu Sesay is the Administrative Secretary for the Sierra Leone Muslim Missionaries Women’s Group and is a Working Committee member for the Federation of Muslim Women Association in Sierra Leone (FOMWASAL). Both groups advocate for the rights of women in Islam. Ms. Sesay is one of the presenters on a weekly radio program that the SLDMMUM engages in. The organization also has a school where women are taught about their religion, rights, and obligations. They participate in discussions about equality in the Muslim family, and the need for women to encourage their female children to go to school, amongst other issues. Her work with FOMWASAL deals mainly with stopping violence against women, and she is involved with workshop to help vulnerable women. This work is mostly sponsored by OXFAM. Ms. Sesay has attended several conferences outside of Sierra Leone on behalf of both groups. She has also implemented several community programs sponsored by both the government and NGOs. Ms. Sesay also works for the Ihsan Foundation for West Africa.

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