Hartini Zainudin



Known for

Managing Director and Founding Member of Rumah Jagaan Kanak Kanak NurSalam


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Hartini Zainudin


Hartini Zainudin is the Managing Director and one of the Founders of Rumah Jagaan Kanak Kanak NurSalam, Chow Kit, the only 24 hour crisis center for children under 18 in Malaysia. The center focuses on providing marginalized children with basic needs as well as counseling and protection services, amongst others. Many children are abused, neglected, trafficked, and abandoned. Many others are stateless, having no documents because they were trafficked. The center is a collaboration effort between Yayasan Salam Malaysia and the Department of Children’s Welfare, KL. Ms. Zainudin is a member of the Ministry of Women and the Family and Community Development’s National Advisory Council on the Welfare and Protection of Children. She is also a member of a number of national task forces including Child Protection Policy Training, on multiple issues that include trafficking and stateless children. She has worked on children’s issues in the United States and Malaysia for 26 years. Ms. Zainudin received her BA and M.Sc in English and English Education, and received her Doctorate from Columbia University, New York.