Halima Krausen



Known for

Imam and Muslim Scholar


Hijri 1369–Present (AH); Common Era 1949–Present (CE)

Halima Krausen


Born in Aachen, Germany, Halima Krausen was raised by a Catholic-Protestant family but became Muslim in her early teens. Now, Krausen is the Imam of Hamburg Mosque for the German-speaking Muslims. Studying with visiting Muslim scholars and learning Arabic, Krausen eventually traveled extensively in the Muslim world. In 1985, Krausen became a founding member of the Inter-Religious Dialogue Center at the Department of Theology at Hamburg University. In 1993, she helped found the Initiative for Islamic Studies and became head of the German-speaking community. In 1992, Krausen completed her studies in Islamic Law and Theology, Islamic Studies, Christian Theology and Comparative Religion. Also, Krausen was involved with the team that created German translations of the Qur’an with commentary. She also conducted a partial translation of the Hadith. She contributed to several books on interfaith studies and wrote a number of articles on various Islamic and inter-religious subjects. She teaches regularly in London and across Europe and is particularly interested in inter-faith dialogue. She joined a circle that involved Buddhist, Hindu, Chrsitian, and Muslim experts who were interested in taking dialogue past the intellectual and applying it to culture.


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