Chaiba Tallal



Known for

World Renowned Painter


Hijri 1348-1425 (AH); Common Era 1929-2004 (CE)

Chaiba Tallal


Chaiba Tallal was born in a small village near El-Jadida, Morocco. She was born into a poor family and was married at the age of thirteen. She was widowed by the time she was fifteen. By this time, she had a son, Talal, and was living in Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city and commercial center. After the death of her husband, Chaiba supported herself and her son by finding odd jobs cleaning houses as a maid. Chaiba began painting with no formal training but soon her work caught the attention of Pierre Gaudibert, a Parisian museum director. He was immediately impressed by the bold colors and broad brush strokes that she used. Featuring women and Moroccan culture as inspiration, her painting reflected the vibrancy of Moroccan life. Gaudibert arranged for her to exhibit her paintings at the Museum of Modern Art, thereby transforming Chaiba into an internationally acclaimed painter. Since then, her work has been featured in various exhibitions across Europe and Morocco. One of her paintings was chosen for the poster advertising the first International Women’s Art Exhibition in 1984. She also received a gold medal from the French Academic Society for Education and Encouragement for her contribution to the arts. Despite her Chaiba’s fame, Chaiba never forgot her roots and donated a portion of her painting sales to education initiatives for women in Morocco. Chaiba died in 2004.


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