Bibi Hayati Kermani



Known for

Sufi Poet


Hijri Uknown-1269 (AH); Common Era Unknown-1853 (CE)

Bibi Hayati Kermani


Bibi Hayati Kermani was born in the Kerman province of Persia, to a Persian family with a long tradition of Sufism. She was raised by her brother, from whom she received her early training. She was initiated into the Ni’matullahi order by its master, Nur ‘Ali Shah. She trained in the esoteric development—and exoteric ethics—of the Sufi path. Bibi Hayati was the Ni’matullahi master’s first disciple, and later she married him. They raised one child. During her life, Hayati became well-known for her erotic and mystical Sufi poetry, and her passionate expressions of love. In addition to being a poet, Hayati cared and cooked for the community at large until her death.


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