Atiya Fatima Khan



Known for

First Supermodel in Pakistan, and Well-known Producer, Director, Presenter, Actress and Writer


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Atiya Fatima Khan


Atiya Fatima Khan is a well-known and respected media personality in Pakistan. She has achieved a high level of acclaim and success, undertaking a leadership and pioneering role in the fields of modeling, acting, and presenting. Simultaneously, she produces, directs, researches & writes for the advertising and television industry in Pakistan. This background has merged with interest, knowledge, active participation/ patronage of Sufism to produce some success in promoting Sufism and moderate Islam through a wide variety of channels. Atiya Fatima Khan is now the Manager Programming of HUM TV Pakistan. Behind the camera, she started her freelance film direction and production career producing and directing TV commercials and commercial documentaries for all the top advertising agencies in Pakistan. She then moved into directing TV programs and sponsored music video. Atiya Fatima Khan played a role as a leader and pioneer, as well one of the youngest players in the early days of TV & advertising in Pakistan. As such, she managed to break a lot of new ground and establish a string of notable achievements. She won an award for the best TV commercial sponsored music video in 1993, hosted, produced, directed, scripted and researched, for 'Rafhan Jelly' - a first ever for a freelance producer - in 1992, directed the first ever highly successful, revolutionary, moderate religious-oriented talk show called 'Zikr', shown daily during the month of Ramadan, for new Pakistani TV Channel HUM TV (Sep.-Nov. 2005). In front of the camera, Atiya Fatima Khan hosted a very popular TV Talk show on religion "ZIKR" 2006. This 30-minute program took the form of free & frank discussion on Islam by well respected and knowledgeable religious, Sufi speakers invited to tackle a wide array of challenging topics.