Aslihan Eker



Known for

Associate Producer of Behind Walls: Women in Muslim Countries


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Aslihan Eker


Aslihan Eker is an associate producer, production coordinator and scriptwriter for sixteen episodes of the documentary " title="Behind Walls: Women in Muslim Countries">Behind Walls: Women in Muslim Countries. The documentary is comprised of interviews with over 200 women from various countries and has been accepted to film festival screenings around the world. Aslihan is currently working on the book of the film which will include all texts of the interviews and travel journals of herself and producer Ayse Bohurler. She actively participated in a group called Cultural Debates which was founded by a group of women to establish understanding and dialogue between Europe and Turkey during the process of Turkey’s accession to the European Union. The group organized several conferences in European cities to talk about topics such as honor killings and violence against women as well as women’s participation in politics. Aslihan has previously worked as a director for various live political talk shows in channel in Turkey. She holds her Bachelors of Arts in Radio, TV and Cinema from the Istanbul University and her Masters from the London College of Music and Media in film.