Asli Sancar


United States

Known for

Author and Winner of 2008 Benjamin Franklin Publishing Awards


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Asli Sancar


Asli Sancar is author of Ottoman Women Myth and Reality, a book which challenges the Orientalist myth that Ottoman women were erotic, indolent and suppressed. The book, which gives a realistic account of Ottoman women and harem life based on valid documentation, was awarded first place in the history/politics category in the 2008 Benjamin Franklin Publishing Awards and was a finalist in cover design. It was also published in Turkish in March, 2009. Ms. Sancar has written intermittently on women’s issues for the last twenty-five years. Most of her articles have been published in Turkish in the Istanbul-based magazine, Women and Family. She has two other books published in Turkish: Awakening to the Light of Islam (1986) and Women and Family in Ottoman Society (1999). Ms. Sancar also lectures extensively in Turkey and the U.S. and has been featured broadly in the Turkish media. In addition to writing, she does English/Turkish translation professionally. Born and raised in the U.S., Ms. Sancar converted to Islam in 1968 and is the mother of three children.