Alaa Nasief


Saudi Arabia

Known for

Founder and General Manager of Hadara


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Alaa Nasief


Alaa Nasief is the founder & General Manager of Hadara, a consultancy that aims to promote educational and individual excellence and positive social change through training, research and empowerment programs. Over the last ten years, Ms. Nasief has been active in implementing social development programs in various sectors of Saudi society. Her extensive academic and professional background is in developing community service programs for youth as well as tackling various social issues related to education, curriculum studies and girls/women. In 2003, Ms. Nasief pioneered an innovative leadership program for Saudi girls that focuses on teamwork, discipline, social skills, and spirituality in order to expose the girls to new ideas and ways of thinking. This program, which runs every summer, has been highly successful in producing leaders who are active in both their communities and other fields. In 2007, Ms. Nasief was the Associate Dean at Jeddah’s College of Business Administration, a post that put her on the pulse of youth issues. She was also the Country Program Manager for the Women in Technology program that seeks to educate and enable unprivileged Saudi females, and a coordinating member of Bonyan, an organization for volunteer and community services. In all her work, Ms. Nasief strives to ensure quality improvement and institutional effectiveness, and draws upon her extensive foreign experience and intimate familiarity with Saudi objectives. Ms. Nasief has a Masters in Education and a Ph.D. in Curriculum Studies, both from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.