Absh Khatun


Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Known for

Sovereign of the Sulghurid Dynasty


Hijri ~662-686 (AH); Common Era ~1263-1287 (CE)

Absh Khatun


Descended from Mongol nobility, Absh was the ninth and final ruler of Atabek dynasty, which is also known as the Sulghurid dynasty of Persia. Absh married Manku Timur, the son of Khan Hulägo. After their union, they resided together in Urdu, capital of the Ilkhanate. However, after internal discord (the Khan dispatched an army to murder the Seljuk Shah in Shiraz), the Khan selected his daughter-in-law Absh Khatun to Shiraz to run the state, which was her homeland, in 1263. It was a traditional means of consolidating power in the Ilkhanate to send daughters-in-law to sovereign states, indicating the great amount of power their women wielded. Her return to Shiraz was greatly celebrated. Coinage was issued bearing her visage and Friday khutbahs were proclaimed in her name. She reigned until the end of the dynasty’s primacy.


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