Abida Malik



Known for

Senior Vice President of the Behbud Association of Pakistan


Hijri Unknown-Present (AH); Common Era Unknown-Present (CE)

Abida Malik


Abida Malik is Senior Vice President of the Behbud Association of Pakistan, a non-profit organization working for the uplifting of underprivileged women and children, regardless of color, creed, or caste. Ms. Malik has been working with Behbud for the last fifteen years, and as Vice President, she oversees all Behbud projects, which include health, education, vocational training, community development, and fundraising. Previously, she was a designer for the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, helping women create new designs and color schemes, thus improving their skills for income generation. In 2004, Ms. Malik actively participated in relief efforts for the earthquake-hit areas of Pakistan. She helped provide Shelter Homes and supplies for the daily living and survival of the affected families, generating all the funds from local fundraising efforts. In all her work, she has helped empower women with the skills for income-generation, in order to make them self-sufficient and valuable members of society. Apart from giving the women vocational training, she also educates them on how to be tolerant and respect other religions and sects.