WISE Conference 2009

“Muslim Women: Building Institutions, Creating Change”

Building upon the excitement generated by the 2006 WISE conference and launch, WISE held its second international conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from July 16 – 19, 2009.  Over 200 women from across the world participated in the conference entitled “Muslim Women: Building Institutions, Creating Change.”

The conference was structured around the five WISE modules for creating change: Change through Communication, Change through Interpretation, Change through Philanthropy, Change through Collaboration and Change through Action.  The conference facilitated several types of information-exchange for participants, including the sharing of best practices; panel discussions and presentations on the most relevant issues facing Muslim women today; skill-building trainings in such areas as media engagement, running for political office, spiritual development, transformative leadership, cultural consciousness and social movement-building.

In addition, the conference showcased a number of groundbreaking WISE initiatives including the presentation of the WISE Compact and endorsement by the conference participants; launch of the WISE web portal; introduction of the global Shura Council and its “Jihad against Violence” project; presentation of funding opportunities with the Muslim Women’s Fund; peer learning “Chair.Chai.Chats,” which enabled participants to directly engage with high-level Muslim women.

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